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    About us

    Welcome to Golden Group. Our Concern such as …

    Golden Group is one of the leading ICT (Hardware), Electronics, Home Appliance and Electrical products providers in Bangladesh. The company was formed in 2007 with a vision to make an easy access for Bangladeshi people to the modern Electronics, Electric & ICT world through providing them with the most updated devices in relevant price.

    Golden group imports & manufactures Computer & Laptop Accessories, Security Surveillance, Networking Product and Home Appliances, Electronics, Electrical products in accordance with voice of customers (VOC). Highly trained Engineers and Managers have been trying relentlessly to provide with exclusive products in reasonable price and ICT solutions adopting proper technology to improve lifestyle of Bangladesh.

    Golden group launched another wings to support its lots of clients with world’s renowned branded products such as Sky View, Circle, Hik-Vision, Lion Vision, LB-Link, AULA, AOC, SEEN, Trust Print, Real Print, Samsung, HP, Intel, ASRock, G-Link, Dark Ghost, Golden Sound, Sky View Network (etc). Golden group has more than 25+ modern and well-equipped Stores to provide with customers best after sales service and is immensely popular with the discerning showrooms across Bangladesh. Golden group launched its large RMA Service center in 2008. To prepare Bangladeshi youth technically sound, skilled and compatible for modern world. GTI has been operating polytechnic institution called Golden Polytechnic institution since 2011. Our Concern has been serving various Government, Non-Government, Multinational Companies IT projects, thousands of local end users from all occupations. GTI offers an ultra-modern products ambience by integrating all conceivable needs of the customer under one roof.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is achieving the highest position in ICT, Electronics and Electric sector by providing quality products with latest technology in relevant price and highly innovative digital products which are obviously better than the other competitors. Importing necessary products and making them available for the consumers nationwide.


    Our Mission is “For the people, For the Country”.

    Corporate Social Responsibility: 

    The GTI will pursue its vision through its commitment to the following core values.  These values will guide our decisions and behaviour:

    • High Productivity and quality performance.
    • Personal and institutional responsibility and accountability.
    • Employee Empowerment.
    • Listen to and work for our customers.
    • Maintain integrity in everything we do.
    • Respect the dignity and identity of others.
    • We are committed to customer.
    • Ensure teamwork, mutual respect and integrity.